Books everyone should read, They Don't Want You to Read, New Testament Personalized Verses and here is why, because they don't want you to believe in God, they just want you to pay lip service to God only. It's books for all ages . And it's best seller books

But this book makes God personal to you the reader, Example the Lord's  Prayer  it says in verse In Math. 6.12 and forgive us our sins,6.13 as we have forgiven those who sin against us.LBT and we just skim over it with out thought but in the Personalized verses it reads  6.12 And Forgive me of my sins, 6.13 As I  Forgive Those Who sin Against Me. You can see the difference.  If I do not for give some of there sin against me then I am asking God not to forgive me of my sins.

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Books everyone should read.They don't you read this book because it will make your  faith grow  more the  minister's.  You will know that God really cares for you when you read this book. It's books for all ages


If you like Steven King,Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, Shrek 2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Avatar. All rolled in one Then you will love this books for all ages, The Spirit Travelers. Best seller books of all.
       THIS BOOK   ARE  FULL  OF  SATIRE, Songs like "Alice's  Restaurant" TV SHOWS   "All my Children, Lost in Space, CNN news, Family Guy. MOVIES like Wizard of OZ. And even RADIO  SHOWS  "Coast to Coast AM, Cigar Dave. This book also pokes fun at the Georgia Department of Transportation.​   In this book you will learn things you never knew before, you will enjoy the humor and lessons

 And how easy it can be, You do every night and don't even know it,These are books for all ages, books everyone should read.Best seller books.

       A little bit about the author. He graduated from high school at age 20 because of a learning disability called Dysgraphia mixed with Dyslexia, which makes writing difficult and a challenge, but if he can do it then anyone can do it. He worked as Drug Crisis Counselor. He worked in the state Maximum security prison. He has worked in Law Enforcement for 22 years, and took early retirement to get married, After 3 months of marriage his wife Joyce died of stage 4 cancer. And He was working on this Book Spirit Travelers, and she told him with her last breath  DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN,  So he did you are reading the outcome. This book is for all children from ages 7 to 97 And he can still hear her words echoing in his head   DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN.  . Buy Now style 2 button

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Question: If you have small children, will you take the mark for your  children’s sake?    The answer is in this book, what you should do. What will happen if you get this chip? What does God say about it in the book or Revelation?  Read it and find out.

If the Government came out and said in 30 days you will by law will be a Micro Chip under skin between you thumb and first finger and on this chip will be all your  Bank account information which you can use to buy and see. Imagine No one can ever steal your credit card or debit card because it is with where ever you go. And you can buy or sell with this chip, and also all your medical records are in it in case you get into a car accident. Think how great that is. Now you have 30 day to get.

​​SPIRIT  TRAVELERS    Best Seller Books 

​​​HOW  WOULD  YOU  LIKE  TO  TRAVEL  ANY  WHERE  IN  THE  WORLD  WITH  OUT  LEAVING  YOU  BEDROOM?  WELL YOU  CAN  WHEN YOU  SPIRIT TRAVEL. READ THIS Best Seller Books  AND LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT  SPIRIT TRAVELERS These books for all ages and it's books everyone should read. Buy Now style 2 button

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