This book is TRUE FICTION, it is 80% true and 20% fiction. 

Are Aliens real? YES, They Live, Here On Earth. And read why they only come out at night.  Where do CROP CIRCLES COME FROM ? What Causes Earth Quakes? Are Ghosts Real? Read this book it will tell you ANSWERS THAT WILL SHOCK YOU, and you won’t believe it.  

       In chapter 13 Prose-Zack Mountain Peter fights Dog Head people, and we may soon be doing the same here on earth. Because  Emory University in Atlanta GA. Are now working with Gorillas and humans and trying to make a man who is half gorilla and have human so they will stronger in fighting wars they are called ( HUMANZEES) and they are working on this project as you read this page.   

       On Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura –Season three, Episode #6 (The Mammal Conspiracy) and THAT IS STUFF THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW. 

You also can Spirit Travel,  consciously by sitting in a   chair  and closing your eyes and see yourself on the other  side of the room your in. Practice this until you can do it. Make sure you are in a room where you  will not be distracted by other people. Some people  will light a candle and play soft music. Keep your eyes close at all times, and when you can see you self on the other side of the room, and you are looking at yourself in the chair, then you are in the Spirit, and you can travel where ever you would like to go, just think of a place and suddenly you will be there. Like in the book the teenagers see themselves at the state capitol playing with the flag. Well you can do the same. Just think of where you want to go and you will be there and you can stay as long as you want. Another thing you will learn is that you may feel you have been the place of your for hours, so you decide to come home and into your body only to see you have been gone 10 minutes. Because in the spirit world there is no time or distance. 
You do  not have to be asleep to spirit travel, some call it meditation others call it soul travel, but it is your spirit traveling and like I said you bring your mind with you, That’s how you can remember what you saw and heard.

       Or have you ever had a dream when something was chasing you, and you felt a thump and woke up panting “That was a terrible nightmare.” Again you thought were dreaming, but in actuality you were in the spirit world and something, creature, dog or unknown being was chasing you, so you ran back into your body, that was the thump and you were breathing heard, because you were scared. When all you had to do was stay still and the thing chasing you would have run right through you. It could not hurt you because you were in your spirit body, and when we are in our spirit body you take your thinking brain with you. Sounds like a cult, NO it's natural and like I said you do it ever night, but you  just don't know it.  

You Spirit Traveling every day or night, That’s right every time you sleep or even take a nap, you travel in the spirit world. When you sleep your spirit comes out of your body and you have an adventure. You call it dreaming. Have you ever woken up and said to yourself “Man what a dream it seemed so real” That was because it was real, in the spirit world, and before you woke up your spirit entered back into your body, and you thought it was a dream. sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. sleep disorder, sleep disorder, sleep disorder, sleep disorder.

    Dreams In Spirit Travelers And
 What They Don't Want You to Know

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       Have you ever notice that no matter where you go in the dream world, or spirit world all the people and creatures speak perfect English? That is because these beings and creatures speak to our mind, so you understand them in your own language. The same is true if you were a Chinese person these creatures would speak to you in Chinese. We can speak to them, through our mind, and they understand us. That is how it is in the spirit world. Or dream world. sleep disorder, sleep disorder, sleep disorder, sleep disorder

You cannot get hurt in the spirit world, or as some would say the dream world, and you cannot get lost either, even if you travel a trillion light years, in the spirit away from your body, you can return in a twinkle of an eye.That is what the book "Spirit Travelers" is about a group of teenagers who have learned to Spirit Travel together with Graphite Parker the talking cat. It is full of fun and satire for everyone, you will feel good about yourself when you read it and you will not fear any of your dreams, in fact you may be even look forward to taking nap or bed time just so you spirit travel and have these same type of exciting adventures as the charters of this book. "